About Sunny Stowaways

Hi, I'm Bridget. 
Even before I became a mom myself, I loved how watching kids play is such a window into their little heart. It's unbelievable how the love a child has for her special doll is such a tender thing, watching her form a first best friend. To me it's an opportunity to introduce beauty and affirmation into their young lives.  My mission is to make dolls that reflect the individual beauty of our children, with loving faces that I would want my own girls to look at for hours and hours of their childhood. 


And it is really important to me, that I make my dolls to last for years. I remember when my own mom pulled out a bag of my old dolls and toys she had saved for my daughter. Some of them went the distance (yarn hair!); and some did not (you know that hair :).  When I held them, all kinds of memories came back to me, and my girls loved hearing alI those little stories about when I was little and played. I make my dolls carefully and with quality materials, so that after years of play, they will sit on the shelf, worn, but still lovely, and remind everyone of those days of tender adventures. And maybe even passed down to another little one, to hear about those stories, and start ones of her own.


I love kids and kids books, fabric, soccer, and mom jokes. And I would love to hear from you.




--Bridgetphoto of Bridget, dollmaker